Contour Laser Institute | FAQS
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What experience do I need to apply?

Our programs have an entrance examination which is free to take at any time. Contact us to submit an application and determine if you are a candidate.

Are courses only offered in English?

We offers courses in English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. Our master RN instructor leads the other language courses. All course materials and exams are consistent.

I am only available Saturdays, can I still finish the program?

Yes! We can customize our course schedule to fit your busy life. Programs have been offered on weekends only, evenings or on a bi-weekly basis until course hours are complete.

What are the benefits of training at Contour Laser Institute?

We offer small hands-on classes with unrestricted access to our lasers and state-of-the-art machines to ensure a successful completion of our programs. Our instructors are leaders in their fields with varied experience for a well-rounded program. Courses are customizable to adjust to your busy schedules.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! We offer in-house financing and payment plans to ease the burden of a lump sum tuition payment.

What employment opportunities are available after I complete the programs?

There are many options for employment after completion of the Clinical Laser Technician Course or Medical Aesthetics Program. Some examples include: Dermatologist office, Medical Aesthetician at a spa or laser clinic, working with a surgeon or general physician with their aesthetic end of the business or creating your own practice.